Organizing under COVID-19

Organizing and building worker power is more important than ever to ensure employers are not trampling on the rights of workers. If you want to organize your workplace, we can help you develop your plan to win!  Each province has a different process for forming a union and we will help guide you through that!

What it takes to win

Know your rights

What it takes to win

Workers who are inspired to make their workplace better and willing to talk to their co-workers

Workers who know their rights and what to expect from their Employer

An Organizing Committee that can keep the majority of workers united

Don’t worry, you likely won’t have all this at the start. We can help you get there!

Know Your Rights

It is illegal for your employer to:

Fire you for union activities

Ask if you or someone else have signed a union card

Threaten lay-off, cut in pay, and reduction in hours for your union activity

Transfer you or give you job assignments differently than other workers for your union activity

Deny the union the right to talk with you or try to prevent you from talking to the union off work time and work premises

Harass you because you support the union

Should your employer engage in any of these activities, document it (i.e. what was said, when, where) and let a union organizer know as soon as possible.

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